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We Promote Healthier, Happier Lives.

We founded Heartstrong Sleep to help people get perfect sleep. When you sleep better… you naturally   feel better. Far too many people struggle with sleep and anxiety. We are passionate about helping them relax, rest and dream again.  

Heartstrong CBD offers natural alternatives to traditional sleep therapy without harsh, unpredictable chemicals.  It’s a great addition to our therapy lineup.

Why Heartstrong CBD?

We have carefully curated the highest quality CBD products… clinically tested for purity and consistency. Made in the USA!


Our manufacturer grows their own hemp using organic growing methods with no harsh chemicals.

Grown in the USA

Each Heartstrong CBD offering is formulated from farms here in the United States.

Lab Tested

Every batch of CBD formulated by our manufacturer is lab tested and quality assured.

Trusted Sleep Experts

Heartstrong CBD is operated by Heartstrong Sleep; experts on helping people sleep better.

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